Agricultural Machinery Design

Agricultural Machinery Design
Faster design processes together with virtual testing capabilities speed delivery, reduce costs and improve performance of agricultural machinery

Accelerate the Agricultural Machinery Design Process
In order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to accelerate the design of agricultural machinery so that you can meet launch dates and satisfy your customer’s demands for high-quality, reliable equipment. Solid Edge provides an efficient, integrated 3D design platform that enables you to perform virtual testing of your designs to minimize manufacturing issues, reduce costs, and ensure the durability and superior performance of your equipment in harsh environments.

The Solid Edge portfolio of software tools address all aspects of the product development process including 3D design, simulation, manufacturing and design management. Using Solid Edge for the design of agricultural machinery, you can:
Meet increasing demand for agricultural machinery with shorter product development times
Support innovative machinery and equipment design with powerful, flexible 3D design tools
Facilitate feasibility studies with rapid 3D modeling to assess new product designs and configurations
Easily integrate standard and catalog parts from external suppliers into your designs
Perform virtual testing of your designs to eliminate interferences between moving parts, and minimize manufacturing issues
Take advantage of the integrated analysis capabilities of Solid Edge Simulation to optimize designs for high performance and durability while minimizing material costs
Reduce end-user operating costs with efficient machine designs
Demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations with secure document control and electronic workflow management and signoffs
Improve customer service by providing high-quality, illustrated maintenance documents and maintaining accurate “as-delivered” bills of materials (BOMs) for machinery and equipment

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