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Convergent Modeling

Convergent Modeling in Solid Edge

Generative Design Convergent

Focalized Modeling bolsters b-rep demonstrating activities on aspect bodies without transformation

Solid Edge flawlessly consolidates customary “b-rep” strong models with triangular work models without tedious and mistake inclined changes. Joined Modeling by Siemens takes into account customary b-rep tasks on carefully examined 3D information and models resulting from generative plan, decreasing revamp while supporting current added substance fabricating forms for complex shapes.

Work on work models with similar directions you use on b-rep models

Concurrent demonstrating empowers you to work flawlessly with the work based models made utilizing generative structure and figuring out. Perform conventional tasks on:

Convergent Modeling

Carefully filtered 3D information

United Modeling improves the way toward working with examined information. Filtered 3D information is imported in Solid Edge as faceted, or work, information with the goal that you can quickly begin structuring—no protracted transformation process, no manual shape creation and no compelling reason to construct surfaces.


Models made utilizing generative structure

With Convergent Modeling, the upgraded parts leaving generative plan can be sent legitimately for added substance assembling or examination, or further adjusted in Solid Edge. The coincided outcomes are consistently incorporated into the ordinary model altering process, enabling you to get the last plan required for the job that needs to be done. Not any more sitting tight for repetitive, incorrect transformations from triangular work to b-rep.

generative design capability

Segments for added substance producing

Regardless of whether your plans are made utilizing customary demonstrating, generative structure or imported from a 3D scanner, they can utilized legitimately for 3D printing, shape plan, examination and then some. Merged Modeling evacuates constraints by giving creators the adaptability to convey enhanced shapes from idea to the real world, exploiting the materials and methods of added substance fabricating.

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