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CAD Data Management in Solid Edge

Easy file management—no IT support necessary

Solid Edge data management provides brilliant capabilities for smaller manufacturers who may be struggling to work with fast-rising sizes of CAD files. Setup is fast—place an index on the files where you save your Solid Edge records.

Review and edit belongings of multiple files, and perform a review and release processes on Solid Edge parts, gatherings, and drawings. Backup, share, and coordinate your Solid Edge files using prevalent cloud-based file-sharing software like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

Unparalleled execution for extensive congregations

Fast setup, no database software to preserve

Solid Edge Data Management abilities use standard Windows indexing technology to supply data about your Solid Edge records. There is no database software to fix or preserve, so there is no need for IT support. Simply place indexes on the files where your Solid Edge files are stored and start directly.

Base up and top-down demonstrating in setting

Instant searches and integrated belongings management

You can search speedily for the files you need from Windows Explorer or Solid Edge using file names and standard or custom possessions. You can also run “where-used” searches that permit you to find where a part is used in gatherings and drawings; you can then quickly assess the impact of planned changes on existing gatherings.

Effectively oversee gathering connections

Your design data in clear view

Built-in modified reports for Solid Edge, Dynamic conception provides dynamic methods for seeing and cataloging assembly parts and mechanisms. The visual reports are built on easily shaped directions with “Excel-like” filters within communicating boards.

Spare time with designing and standard parts

Easy amendment and issue management

The Design Manager efficacy enables you to rapidly revise parts, gatherings, and drawings. For example, you can clone a current assembly and make new revisions of nominated parts, which gives you a quick start on a new design project. You can also quickly evaluate and manage the property info that you store in your Solid Edge parts, gatherings, and drawings. And you can release your details, gatherings, and graphics with just a few clickings.

Flexible file vaulting and sharing

Flexible file vaulting and sharing

Solid Edge Data Management offers flexible file storing and sharing solutions using local network and cloud-based storage selections that meet the needs of single users to larger producers. You can reserve and transfer your data on the cloud by famous file-sharing software like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. You can easily share nominated data with remote design resources and your dealers and clients. Your Solid Edge files are also kept nearby, giving you the best presentation and the flexibility to work automatically.

Solid Edge Shape Search

Solid Edge Shape Search

Reuse current design data instead of reinventing new with the Solid Edge Shape Search add-on product component. Launching straight from Solid Edge with a single click, Shape Search is a 3D search engine classifies the same parts based on geometry. This permits you to locate similar parts more resourcefully than traditional keyword-based searches.

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