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Design Data Exchange

Efficient and secure design data exchange

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Design Data Exchange

Exchanging layout information with suppliers outdoor of your Teamcenter ® surroundings is streamlined with Design Data Exchange. As a “sponsor” in Teamcenter, you create programs of statistics together with huge CAD files to percentage along with your suppliers. Your providers use a cozy net portal to receive requests and records packages from you, and they could use the equal portal to upload and post responses returned to you. Trusted providers can be given get admission to to supplier self-service which allows them to request their very own alternate programs and create new objects. The Teamcenter records proportion manager, accessed via the portal, simplifies the add and down load of huge documents. The briefcase browser allows suppliers to browse through compressed CAD documents and open the files in their local CAD systems, in which the CAD files may be modified and saved returned to the briefcase browser. Traceability, audit, and model manage allow green, powerful, and transparent manner execution.

Design Data Exchange for secure and managed alternate of layout facts along with your providers. Read more about those functions underneath.

Securely and without problems change large files with providers outside of your Teamcenter

Efficiently integrating your extended providers with PLM methods may be a key aspect in time-to-market and price saving goals. Teamcenter Design Data Exchange presents you with an efficient, at ease, and scalable dealer integration solution for changing product statistics (which include huge CAD documents, JT documents, specifications, etc.) with suppliers outdoor of your Teamcenter environment. The Teamcenter information proportion supervisor, accessed through the supplier internet portal, simplifies the upload and download of huge documents, together with CAD designs.

Targeted statistics sharing for at ease and efficient exchanges with suppliers

Design Data Exchange skills provide suppliers with direct get right of entry to to Teamcenter information that they want to aid their responsibilities, and affords Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the possibility to alternate smaller, centered (get right of entry to rights applied), and “brisker” records packages with much less administrative attempt.

With targeted statistics control as a part of your provider collaboration procedure, you can be confident that your crucial product design information is traceable and delivered to the proper providers, securely and efficaciously with Teamcenter. Access guidelines in Teamcenter are carried out to every character dealer person, ensuring providers have get right of entry to to simplest the information they need to get the process finished.

Statistics shared with suppliers

With the Teamcenter Design Data Exchange answer, you have got visibility into your supplier’s design data change activities, where you can track all design statistics change sports, and advantage from coordinated sharing. The OEM sponsor can music all activities with providers, which includes all report uploads and downloads.
Teamcenter sponsors are capable of assign modification rights on design statistics to permit suppliers to update designs. When modification rights are granted, information is checked out and Teamcenter anticipates supplier updates. Different versions of design statistics may be tracked. Comparison reviews can be generated between design facts document versions, with color coding to highlight new adjustments that are available in from suppliers.

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