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Solid Edge Harness Design

Solid Edge Harness Design is a best-in-class design application for in-house production or build-to-print purposes.

Speed design time and automate steps in the harness design process using industry-proven harness design and engineering tools.

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Solid Edge Harness Design

Solid Edge Harness bridges the gap between the electrical and mechanical design of a harness in a single solution, allowing engineers to quickly and confidently bring products to market.

Built-in component and symbol libraries, and a powerful parts selector

Solid Edge Harness Design incorporate implicit canny libraries for parts and images that drive the auto-determination of terminals, seals and wires. An amazing parts selector designs and chooses terminals, seals and wires for every connector. Connector face perspectives and tables make it simple for planners to decide how wires end.

Flexible harness design options: standalone or derived from wiring design

You can configuration saddles in an independent mode, or they can be gotten from the wiring given by Solid Edge Wiring Design.

Powerful reporting for documentation creation

When an outfit is finished, amazing revealing capacities can be utilized to produce documentation required for assembling, including BOMs and cutting records. Since quick and exact data is guaranteed, this can altogether decrease creation lead times and avoid producing blunders.

Formboard layout capabilities

Tackles can be drawn non-scaled or full size utilizing formboard design capacities.

True ECAD/MCAD collaboration

For a true 3D experience including genuine ECAD/MCAD joint effort, Solid Edge Harness can be completely incorporated with the Solid Edge 3D configuration apparatuses.

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