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Process-Specific Applications

Accelerate specialized design processes with task-specific engineering tools for welding, mechanical routing and composites that outperform general-purpose CAD.

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Productivity for Specialized Design Applications

NX offers specialized welding design software that helps you define, document and model welds and other material joining features in your products. This focused welding design application streamlines definition of connections, welds and processes, and captures information for use in strength analysis, product and manufacturing information (PMI), and 2D drawings for manufacturing.


With dedicated NX tools you can quickly define joining features, validate weld locations, create accurate annotations for drawings and manufacturing, and publish information for structural analysis and process planning.

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Mechanical Routed Systems

With fluid and mechanical routing tools you can quickly and accurately define paths in assemblies, then select and place standard parts for tubes, pipes, conduit, raceways and HVAC ducts. Design rules checking (DRC) helps you locate and resolve problems to ensure quality.

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You can engineer innovative, durable and lightweight products and parts made of advanced composite materials with Siemens software that works directly with NX. Specialized applications support the unique and complex design and manufacturing methodologies for low-weight, high-strength and durable composite structures.

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