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Electromechanical Design

Integrate mechanical, electronic and electrical designs and processes to deliver higher-quality electromechanical products.

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Integrate Electrical and Mechanical Designs and Processes

Integrating mechanical, electronic and electrical components in electromechanical products is crucial to aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery and medical device manufacturers. These manufacturers are challenged to transform their development processes to concurrent design and systems engineering methods that support collaboration among diverse disciplines. Real-time information sharing between electrical, mechanical and control systems designers is essential to delivering innovative, high-quality products on-time and under-budget.

NX provides a unified solution for every phase of electromechanical design.

Electrical Wiring and Harness Design

NX offers a fully integrated 3D electrical routing and wire harness design application that allows you to design and route harnesses in complex assemblies. The electrical routing tools provide smart features and functions to automate the design, modification and analysis of wire harnesses.

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Mechanical and Electrical Design Integration

You can manage and synchronize printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic packaging design data and processes with NX. Easy exchange of information between NX and ECAD systems streamlines design changes in cross-disciplinary teams.

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