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Direct Numerical Control (DNC)

Manage the delivery of CNC manufacturing information to the machine tools.

Direct Numerical Control tcm

Siemens offers advanced technology for connecting manufacturing planning and production environments. You can deliver manufacturing planning data directly to the machine tools by using the Siemens Direct Numerical Control (DNC) solutions.

Stand-Alone Direct Numerical Control

Manage MyPrograms is the DNC software for Siemen’s Sinumerik Integrate. With Manage MyPrograms you can:

  • Organize NC programs in a flexible file structure that mimics your work cell and machine configuration.
  • Manage NC files at the machine by using the DNC application at a Sinumerik controller, or configure a central DNC computer to manage the NC programs for a group of networked machine tools.
  • Pull data from the Teamcenter PLM database and store it locally.
Stand Alone Direct Numerical Control tcm
PLM-Driven Direct Numerical Control

Shop Floor Connect (SFC) for Teamcenter is an application add-on for Teamcenter -the core data and process management for PLM. SFC for Teamcenter allows delivery of CNC program files from Teamcenter directly into the machine controller, with no local data storage.
SFC for Teamcenter provides an easy way for your production staff to access current and released CNC programs, drawings, 3D models and other data managed in Teamcenter. More than just a traditional DNC system, the connection to the centralized Teamcenter database avoids data duplication and manages revisions to make sure the correct manufacturing data is used on the shop floor. It also allows you to save new or edited data back in Teamcenter under full access and revision control.

PLM Driven Direct Numerical Control tcm
Solution Connectivity

Teamcenter provides a centralized database so that NC programmers, manufacturing engineers, and shop floor operations can share a single source of planning data. SFC for Teamcenter is an application that communicates directly with Teamcenter. Manage MyPrograms software can communicate with Teamcenter for data downloads, but maintains its own database independent of Teamcenter and does not require Teamcenter to run. Manage MyPrograms can be used as a direct connection from NX CAM.

Solution Connectivity tcm
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