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Manufacturing Resource Library

Manage data for cutting tools, fixtures, and templates using the Manufacturing Resource Library in Teamcenter.

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Easily Manage Data for Tools, Fixtures, Machines, and More

The Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) is a Teamcenter application that provides classification and data management for manufacturing engineering resources. A typical use is as an advanced tool library where tool component and assembly data can be managed. The Manufacturing Resource Library provides powerful search, view and retrieval capabilities across a full classification system. NX CAM users have direct access to the library for tools, fixtures, templates and more.

Full Classification Database

Resources such as cutting tools in the library are classified using Teamcenter classification technology. This arranges the data into a hierarchy with classes and sub-classes. For example, one class might cover all milling tools. Within each class, the system manages key characteristics such as tool length, cutting diameter, vendor and material, and you can search on these parameters. The MRL uses integrated 2D/3D viewers.

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Extensive Tool Library Content

The MRL is provided with a range of pre-loaded cutting tool data covering a range of standard components from a number of manufacturers. You can create specific tool assemblies based on your shop requirements and add your own items to the library as needed.

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Import Data from Tool Vendor Catalogs

The MRL is designed to enable you to import data from tooling vendor catalogs. The MRL intelligently maps the vendor’s tool classes and attributes to the matching fields of your component working area. Any data can be imported, but the MRL has a standard mapping for the vendor-neutral Generic Tool Classification (GTC) standard 1.7, based on ISO 13399. With the vendor data in your system, you can use this data to populate your working library component and assembly areas with the tools your shop uses.

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Directly Accessible from NX CAM

The Manufacturing Resource Library can be accessed directly from within NX CAM. The NC programmer can search for and retrieve tools, fixtures, standard machining templates, machine models, and more using menus in NX that connect directly to the MRL.

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Synchronize Planning and Shop Floor Resources

The Manufacturing Resource Library application ensures consistency by connecting planning and production. You can:

  • Mark library resources to match shop floor preferences.
  • Ensure planning adheres to production standards.
  • Create new entries to match procurement decisions.
  • Implement the use of approved production processes.
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Solution Connectivity

The Manufacturing Resource Library can be installed as a tool library for CAM users, or as a key element of a complete part manufacturing solution. It can serve as a centralized solution managing resource data that’s needed across manufacturing engineering. As a Teamcenter application, it provides full change control, item revisioning, access control and traceability. It can serve as a resource database for a wide range of applications including CAM, CMM programming, tool and fixture design, part and assembly process planning, and machining and process simulation.

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