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Part Model Preparation

Create and edit 3D solid models, verify manufacturability and increase data quality with easy-to-use NX CAD tools.

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Use the Latest NX CAD Technology to Prepare Part Models for CAM Programming

The latest CAD technology in NX, including synchronous technology, allows you to rapidly prepare part models for CAM programming. You can easily modify the CAD model regardless of who created the original or how it was created.

You can also model new parts, design fixtures and create setup drawings with the CAD capabilities that are available in NX CAM. The integrated CAD and CAM capabilities in NX enable the 3D model to move seamlessly between the applications without data translation.

3D Part Model Preparation

When preparing a part model for NC programming, synchronous technology enables you to edit the model directly, including closing holes and gaps, offsetting faces, and resizing part features. Specialized CAD functions in NX also enable you to quickly analyze the part during CAM programming. Using these functions, including cross section and minimum radius analysis, you can define optimum machining processes for your parts.

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Master Model Concept

NX utilizes the master model concept to facilitate concurrent design and NC programming by linking all functions, such as CAM and CMM, back to the single model definition of the part. As a result, the NC programmer can start programming a part before the designer is finished. Full associativity ensures subsequent updates of NC operations as the design model changes.

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Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

NX CAD provides industry-standard PMI capabilities. PMI conveys information such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), 3D annotation, surface finish and material specifications to manufacturing. PMI references any data added to the 3D model and reduces the need for additional 2D drawings. You can directly use NX PMI information to automate programming in NX CAM for PMI-driven machining.

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Modeling, Assemblies and Drafting

NX provides one of the most powerful sets of CAD functions available on the market today. These functions are packaged with NX CAM for the NC programmer who needs to model parts or stock shapes, fixtures or machine tools for simulation.

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Solution Connectivity

NX provides the base for a solution that includes CAD, CAM, tool design for mold and die, and CMM programming applications. These tightly integrated functions access the same 3D model data. NX also has a direct connection to Teamcenter for data storage, full revision control and access control. Through this connection, NX can be utilized as a complete solution for part manufacturing, from planning to production.

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