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Process Planning

Define the process sequence outline (shop floor routing) for manufacturing parts using Teamcenter, and re-use proven processes.

Process Planning tcm

Create a Manufacturing Process Plan and Manage the Related Data

A manufacturing process plan describes what is being manufactured, how it will be manufactured, what resources will be required and where it will be produced.

Part Planner enables manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, tool designers and managers to work together to define manufacturing process plans. By keeping the plan and related data linked together in a PLM environment driven by Teamcenter software, you are assured that the right people use the right data at the time it’s needed.

Define the Manufacturing Process Plan

With Part Planner, you can use graphical tools to arrange a sequence of operations into a manufacturing process plan. You can:

  • Compile time, cost and other attributes for a plan report.
  • Assign and associate standard resources, manufacturing specifications and plant information to each operation step.
  • Create and classify process, operation and plan templates for re-use.
  • Use 3D visualization to check operation setups.
  • Automatically integrate processes, such as CAM operations, into the manufacturing plan.
  • Work from a single source of managed information so every member of your team uses the same data.
Define the Manufacturing Process Plan
Coordinate the Planning Process

The Part Planner application ensures that all the source data (CAM, fixtures, CMM, etc.) is managed in a single location under revision control for easy access and retrieval. You can:

  • Assign, route and track progress on planning tasks, such as NC programming.
  • Work collaboratively by linking data created by others to the manufacturing process.
  • Review and comment on product, process and resource content.
  • Ensure that standard process and resource data are up to date.
Coordinate the Planning Process
Connect Manufacturing Plans to Production

Teamcenter’s centralized data and process management system provides a platform for effective transfer of the manufacturing work packages to production. The work package typically contains work instructions, NC programs, tool data, setup sheets and routings. The information delivered to the shop floor will be the latest version, eliminating the possibility of manufacturing using incorrect data. Shop floor staff can be given access to the planning system to check data, record changes and provide input to standard resource data.

Connect Manufacturing Plans to Production
Solution Connectivity

Part Planner operates directly on the data held in a centralized database. The process planning application can link together the latest information, with access to the full range of data elements for parts, processes, plants and resources, allowing you to build a complete manufacturing plan.

Solution Connectivity
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