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Shop Floor Data Access

Access and visualize manufacturing planning information directly on the shop floor. View drawings, 3D models, work instructions and shop documentation.

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Extending Manufacturing Data Management to Your Shop Floor

NX and Teamcenter applications can provide your shop floor staff with access to the single source of product and process information. Designated users and groups can search, view, and comment on manufacturing data within Teamcenter. Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter provide a simple interface and easy data access from any browser enabled device, including mobile equipment.

Manufacturing teams can improve productivity by spending less time searching for and checking designs and manufacturing requirements. The use of a digital shop floor data management system reduces the possibility of errors due to a reference to out-of-date paper documents.

A Single Source of Plan Data

A direct connection between NX and Teamcenter enables you to access any element data associated with the manufacturing plan including part programs, tooling lists, fixture models, assemblies, work instructions and setup sheets. Depending on user or role-based authorization, a different level of information can be accessed, including latest revisions and prior configurations.

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Scalable for a Range of Shop Floor Roles and Functions

You can easily access the single source of product and process information with either Teamcenter client software or with Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter.
Teamcenter can be configured so that different users and groups can be given different levels of access. The most advanced users can be given full access to allow them to make changes, record differences, or request plan modifications using the full Teamcenter workflow process.
The Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter provides a web-based user interface for an easy access to current and released CNC programs, drawings, 3D models and other data managed in Teamcenter. It also allows you to save new or edited data back in Teamcenter under full access and revision control.

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Visualization Capabilities

While some plan data can be simple text, a wide range of 3D data can be linked to the manufacturing plan and managed in Teamcenter. Assembly views of fixtures and setup arrangements are valuable information on shop floor. Being able to see this type of data in full 3D display with zoom, pan, rotation and on-screen measuring tools saves time and reduces errors. For lightweight 3D visualization, Teamcenter uses the widely adopted JT file format as its standard display mechanism.

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Solution Connectivity

Shop floor data access is achieved through a direct access to Teamcenter using one of the possible client interfaces or Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter. The user interface can range from a simple web-based display to a full Teamcenter client. Applications from spreadsheets to CAM software can be connected for shop floor use with the data.

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