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Shop Floor Quality Inspection

Measure finished articles on CMM machines programmed by NX and driven on the shop floor by Tecnomatix software.

CMM Inspection Execution tcm

Solutions for CMM Inspection

Siemens PLM Software provides a robust solution for shop floor quality inspection, including CMM inspection programming, execution and analysis software.

NX CMM Inspection Programming allows you to generate quality inspection program, typically in DMIS format. Although coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) might come with their own software to run these inspection programs, Siemens also offers Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution software to retrieve and execute inspection program to run CMMs. In either case, the measurement results from the CMM can be sent back to the NX CMM Inspection Programming software for analysis and reporting.

By using a complete quality inspection solution from Siemens, including NX CMM Inspection Programming and Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution, you can more readily achieve compliance with ANSI, ASME and ISO tolerancing standards.

Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution

CMM Inspection Execution provides you with consistent and accurate in-process inspection and analysis of manufactured parts on CMMs and NC machine tools.

Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution tcm
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