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Motion Analysis

Gain more accurate insight into product performance by using real CAD geometry to conduct multibody dynamic simulation, including capabilities for:

  • Rigid Bodies
  • Flexible Bodies
  • Interference Checking
  • Co-simulation with Control Systems
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Integrated Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Understanding the operating environments for intricate mechanical systems – like the mechanisms in photocopiers, sliding automotive sunroofs, or aircraft wing flaps – can be challenging. Many CAD-based tools offer kinematic solutions that help designers cycle a mechanism through its mechanical path for interference checking. Kinematics alone, however, doesn’t provide all the critical information you need, such as the dynamic loads generated by moving parts that can be used to size motors.

Simcenter 3D offers multibody dynamics simulation capabilities that go beyond simple kinematics. Motion analysis calculates the reaction forces, torques, velocities, acceleration and more for mechanical systems. Simcenter 3D lets you directly convert CAD geometry and assembly constraints into an accurate motion model, while the embedded motion solver and robust postprocessing capabilities allow the study of a broad range of product behaviors.

Rigid Bodies

A complete solution for multibody dynamics and kinematics analysis of rigid body mechanisms. Solutions can also include 2D and 3D contact between complex geometry.

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Rigid Body Contact tcm
Flexible Bodies

Evaluate part compliance effects on mechanism performance by analyzing both elastic deformation and rigid body motion. This facilitates a more accurate understanding of part and mechanism performance.

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Flexible Bodies tcm
Interference Checking

Use real CAD geometry in your motion models, and conduct packaging and interference studies that take part flexibility and mechanism compliance into account.

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CAD Integration Packaging Studies tcm
Co-Simulation with Control Systems

Verify whether a control system design is robust enough to control the dynamic mechanism, and help eliminate costly changes later in development.

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Co Simulation Control Systems tcm
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