SITECH PLM - Simulation Data | Process Management | Teamcenter Integration
Simulation Data & Process Management

Ensure your analysis models are up-to-date with the latest design and that you know the status and data traceability through the entire simulation process through:

  • Teamcenter Integration
  • Performance Requirements Tracking
simulation data process management tcm

Retain, Track and Automate Accumulated CAE Data and Knowledge

Are you spending too much time looking for the right data to build your simulation models? How do you share CAE insights with other members of the development team? Simulation data management adds additional value beyond the use of the simulation technology itself, including:

  • Standardization of analysis methods
  • Greater speed and accuracy in building models
  • A tighter to link to product functional requirements
  • Wider access to the insights generated by simulation
  • Overall greater confidence in simulation-driven product decisions

Simcenter 3D delivers these benefits by providing seamless, out-of-the-box integration with Teamcenter, the world’s leading PLM system.

Teamcenter Integration

Access design and model data directly from Teamcenter, perform analyses, and save results and reports without having to leave your analysis environment.

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Teamcenter Integration tcm
Performance Requirements Tracking

View performance requirements in the context of your product or assembly, and validate CAE results against these requirements.

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Linking CAE Requirements tcm
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