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Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions

Further, expand your abilities with dedicated partner resolutions.

Solid Edge associates with many companies to create particular apps to extend your capability. Solid Edge offers an open construction and encourages other companies to join the program, giving customers additional design options.

Industrial Design

KeyShot l Luxion

KeyShot is a real-time ray-tracing and global lighting program used to create 3D renderings, animations, and interactive visuals.

Procedure Plant Design

Edge Layout | graphIT Ltd.

Edge Layout proposals are arrangement and confirmation solutions in 3D for factory designs, from the first idea to optimizing complex production units.

Electrical and Electronics


PCBto3D bridges the gap among your electrical and mechanical design processes by creating a 3D model of your published circuit board design in Solid Edge.

Standard and Collection Parts

EDGE Quick Collection l EDGE plm

EDGE Quick Collection provides a primary and operative user-defined parts library function for Solid Edge.


PART solutions l CADENAS

Bearable costs are lower than standard, dealer, and company parts for technologists and customers. l Trace Parts is a prime global CAD library offering 3D Catalogs in Solid Edge format from over 400 part manufacturers.


PARTcommunity l CADENAS

PARTcommunity gives 2D & 3D CAD models from more than 500 supplier catalogs free of charge.


SigmaNEST l SigmaTEK Systems

CAD/CAM Nesting Software


ESPRIT l DP Technology

ESPRIT, DP Technology’s flagship product, is a high-performance, powerful, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multitasking machine tools.


PEPS CAD/CAM System l Camtek

With above 40.000 installations and 25 years of experience in the world market, PEPS is one of the world’s foremost CAD/CAM systems. CAD data can be imported into PEPS from all CAD systems in various formats.


CAMWorks l HCL Technologies

Feature-based CAM leverages synchronous technology and provides automatic workflows with easy-to-use associative NC Programming technology, accelerating up to 90% of programming time.



Through the SolidEdge API, users can unfold and import files directly from JETCAM

Design Management & Product Configuration

openBoM l Newman Cloud

openBoM is a cloud-based BOM management and real-time collaboration tool that integrates closely with Solid Edge and replaces your BOM spreadsheets.



Producers of durable products (machines, equipment, structures) want to cater to individualized (Engineered-To-Order) product specifications to grow their business.


Keytech PLM l keytech Software

Keytech PLM lets you manage all documents, product-related data, and workflow states as each product moves through its lifecycle phases.


Kenesto l Kenesto

Kenesto is an easy cloud-based document management solution for engineers and designers who need to manage CAD documents.


DBSolidEdge l MechWorks

Manage your Design Data efficiently and securely with DBSolidEdge and automate release processes with no programming efforts.


SAP PLM Interact for Solid Edge l Cideon

SAP PLM Interact for Solid Edge integrates CAD design processes strongly with other business processes supported/controlled by SAP.


CADCustomization l PREMA GROUP

CADCustomization is an MS Excel-based configurator beneficial for Engineered-to-Order products in heavy engineering industries, machinery equipment, and other industries.


EcoDesigner l Trayak

EcoDesigner is a user-friendly application for Solid Edge designers to achieve Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and calculate the environmental effect of a product.


Cortona3D RapidAuthor l Cortona3D

Cortona3D RapidAuthor reusable SolidEdge data to author interactive 3D + 2D support documents, i.e., Parts Catalogs and Work Directions.


EDGE Auto Numbering l EDGE plm

EDGE Auto Numbering is a simple user-configurable Solid Edge file naming system that guarantees unique file names.


MITCalc l MITCalc

Industrial, Mechanical, and Technical Calculations for Solid Edge.


EDGE Cloud Generator l EDGE plm

EDGE Cloud generator powers the creation of Revision Clouds in Solid Edge Draft.


TPO – Total Production Optimization l Platainec

TPO bridge the space between the ERP and the CAD systems by handling all data (orders, design, and inventory) to create optimized production plans.


EDGE Schematic Extender l EDGE plm

EDGE Schematic Extender permits the extraction of From-To lists and Bills of Material from Solid Edge schematics.

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