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Minimize costly prototyping & bring your products to market faster


Limit exorbitant prototyping and put up your items for sale to the public quicker by utilizing propelled designing recreation abilities.

Femap is a propelled building reproduction application for making, altering and bringing in/re-utilizing network driven limited component examination models of complex items or frameworks. You can utilize Femap to demonstrate parts, congregations or frameworks and to decide the social reaction for a given working condition.

What’s more, Femap gives ground-breaking information driven and graphical outcomes perception and assessment. You can consolidate Femap with a wide assortment of CAD frameworks and limited component examination solvers, including the business driving NX Nastran application, to convey an extensive PC supported building investigation arrangement that guarantees that items execute as structured in genuine conditions.

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Modernize Your Simulation Process: Efficient FEA Model Creation

Watch this webinar to find out how to overcome typical FEA model creation challenges, and improve your simulation processes.

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