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Cross-domain design BOMs transform disconnected statistics into a single product definition

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Design BOM Management

If you’re like most producers, your design engineers work in one of a kind places using diffusion of MCAD, ECAD, software program development, and simulation equipment from multiple vendors. Many information management methods make it difficult to connect all of the components from separate equipment. As merchandise become “smarter” and extra complex, dealing with an entire product design BOM throughout domain names will become even greater hard.

Teamcenter offers move-domain layout BOM control thru deep integrations with the MCAD, ECAD, software development, and simulation gear you use each day. You can manage, find, percentage, and re-use multi-domain statistics throughout design centers around the arena with a single, relaxed source of design BOM statistics. You can apprehend the complex relationships and dependencies between components from one of a kind layout domain names throughout all of the feasible configurations of the product, even as its modifications. You can rework in any other case disconnected pieces of your product definition right into an unmarried, cross-area layout BOM definition.

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Learn greater about how you may rework your disconnected product definition into an unmarried, pass-domain layout BOM definition.

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ECAD Design Data Management

Teamcenter supports integrations with all main ECAD structures. The rich design statistics control competencies for PCB and twine harness release control permit you to locate the proper facts speedily. The corporation-extensive ECAD parts library management reduces costs by doing away with inconsistent and inaccurate ECAD component records. The ECAD viewer, ECAD-MCAD trade assist and meeting/take a look at analysis gear to promote near collaboration within and throughout domain names and organizational functions.

Multi-CAD design control for MCAD

Teamcenter gives design records control with multi-CAD assist so that your layout teams can create, control, visualize, validate and re-use local layout facts across MCAD systems, which include NX, Solid Edge, AutoCAD®, CATIA®, Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and SolidWorks®. Using our JT 3-D visualization well-known, you can create incorporated multi-CAD designs the use of components from exceptional MCAD gear. You can collaborate on designs, even if you don’t have to get admission to to the MCAD tools that authored them.

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Simulation Data and Process Management

Validate performance goals through simulating products across a diffusion of multi-area and multi-physics issues. Quickly derive and generate the CAE structures from MCAD or ECAD structures. For complex products, you can use tens or masses of different simulation tools to affirm overall performance goals and meet validation contracts. Leverage a framework for codeless integration to leverage records stored in Teamcenter, and capture the effects back to Teamcenter, ensuring they are related to the authentic information.

Software Design Management

Teamcenter presents software program layout information management through integrating software program engineering information and processes with product lifecycle management (PLM). Leveraging a multi-area lifecycle integration framework, Teamcenter allows the seamless integration of software lifecycle management (ALM) gear, records, and techniques. With this ALM-PLM integration, you could control your software program designs in a holistic product view, and manage software layout procedures as an indispensable a part of the overall product lifecycle.

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