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Microsoft report management and authoring inside product lifecycle control (PLM)

Microsoft document management

Microsoft Office Integration

Most humans use Microsoft® Office to get their paintings performed. That’s why Teamcenter® product lifecycle control (PLM) has Microsoft report management and embedded Office packages, so files can be created and edited with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint®. You can search for product information; create, edit, check-in, check-out, and publish documents; and participate in workflows without delay from your Office packages, for instance, sign-off on critiques from Outlook. With specialized Teamcenter applications, you could edit payments of materials (BOMs) with Excel® and create requirements documents with Word.

Teamcenter Office Online permits Microsoft® Office users to directly view and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents from a web browser, without a plug-in or download. Because how to use Office, for maximum customers there may be no mastering curve to use PLM and no formal schooling required. With Office Online access, humans can access Teamcenter anywhere, any time and on any tool.

Create, proportion, and manage Microsoft Office files with the rest of your product facts, with out leaving your application of preference. Read more below.

Microsoft document management Teamcenter

Document markup for enterprise-wide collaboration

Documents in Teamcenter are available to corporations, roles, and programs as wished. As essential enterprise gadgets, files can be managed by means of revisions, edits, and launch popularity, in addition to workflows. Markup managers assist team and management overview, and you can sort and disposition reviewers text and pix feedback immediately in Teamcenter using the net customer, Active Workspace, as well as hold that disposition for a report of the ensuing edits, as the document develops.

Use PLM from Microsoft Office to simplify get admission to and ease-of-use

Teamcenter offers more than one Microsoft Office integrations, to help manipulate Microsoft files and quality in shape how you operate Microsoft Office. For occasional customers or brief edits, Teamcenter Office Online allows view and edit of Microsoft Office documents without a nearby installation of Microsoft Office. When conventional modifying is required, use Teamcenter Office Client, which lets you search and navigate Teamcenter content, create new files and open, edit, and shop them without delay to Teamcenter, all from within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft document management Teamcenter
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