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Dynamic publishing in PLM for technical writers and illustrators

structured content management Teamcenter

Structured Content Management

Quality merchandise requires excellent documentation – parts catalogs, education guides, operations, and restore manuals. Global markets and industry specifications like S1000D and DITA are defining new technical e-book standards for record employer, localized translations, and product-particular content material. It all provides up to longer record development cycles and the need for based content control.

Teamcenter® Content Management gives subject matter and data module management and a dynamic publishing environment within product lifecycle control (PLM). Technical writers and illustrators can see XML text and pics connected to the product content material and can participate in engineering trade workflows. You can automate the meeting and publishing of products or services documentation in multiple languages and codecs, unique in your product configurations. Integrated XML authoring and publishing programs create draft content and photos for writers and illustrators, then the content is robotically updated with engineering modifications. Structured content material control grants excellent courses, and faster time to marketplace.

Deliver pleasant publications and quicker time-to-marketplace the use of based content management within PLM. Learn greater underneath.

technical publications software teamcente

Technical Publishing

Teamcenter Technical Publishing extends Teamcenter Content Management by handing over optimized surroundings for technical writers and illustrators, including embedded XML authoring. Additional equipment for report structure control, filtering on the topic type, and vehicle-generated photograph variations to help numerous media formats integrate for extra time financial savings and flexibility to your technical guides.

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Authoring and publishing with XML and file additives

In Teamcenter, technical writers can drag and drop XML components to reuse via reference between a couple of files. Traditional effectivities, product alternatives and variations, and localization are all available so that you can write as soon as and use generally, making it quick and easy to create correct configuration- and united states of America-unique technical guides. Catalogs, technical manuals, education publications, and different technical guides can all be posted to a selection of media formats, which include PDF and HTML.

structured content management teamcenter
structured content management Teamcenter

Configure and repurpose dynamic documents

Product files want to be correct for the products they describe. Using Teamcenter Content Management, you may configure your files by means of classification and effectivities, and additionally by using the product alternatives and variants used by engineering. You also can use conditional XML capabilities like inline efficiency, DITA values, and keyrefs to control the XML content material inside topics and statistics modules. These alternatives offer you greater reuse and consistency in content material whilst handing over product-specific files.

DITA and S1000D authoring preferred the help

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) permits reuse of XML subjects among documents, while still imparting the flexibility to specialize that content for one-of-a-kind record sorts. Aerospace and defense writers use S1000D to allow the interchange of statistics modules and ICNs. You can control those and different XML additives, reuse them between documents, and interchange them with partners. Teamcenter supports XML content improvement compliant with enterprise trade rules and workflows, enhancing the high-quality technical guides.

structured content management Teamcenter
technical publications software teamcenter

Format and preview mechanically the usage of stylesheets

Teamcenter Content Management affords DITA and S1000D stylesheets for automated formatting of your content for each HTML and PDF output. You can create extra stylesheets, edit and manipulate them, after which follow them for your content based totally on the client or record kinds. Preview of PDF and publish without delay to web directories are also available, making it smooth to look the effect of your edits prior to the final booklet.

Manage translated content for files in multiple languages

Global markets offer increasing opportunities for your product income – however, in addition, they require product documentation to be translated for the one’s markets. Localization means the greater time before documents are whole and further fees. Teamcenter Content Management manages the translation of person XML additives and relates the translated content with the supply additives. You can reuse translated components between files, versions and publishing alternatives, and put up localized variations of your files to HTML, PDF, or consumer-particular codecs.

structured content management Teamcenter
D PDF RapidAuthor Teamcenter new

RapidAuthor for Teamcenter supplies 3D PDFs, animations, and illustrations

RapidAuthor for Teamcenter lets in you to reuse Teamcenter PLM and laptop-aided layout (CAD) data as content in technical guides. The CAD-neutral 3-d JT and PLM XML content are converted robotically to element catalog tables, restore or assembly procedures, and training exercises, together with 2D/3-d illustrations and animation. You can submit it to PDF, 3-d PDF, HTML, and HTML5. Design adjustments may be regarded and applied without delay within RapidAuthor so that you can without problems hold content material updated.

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