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Explore the PLM Platform

Explore the PLM Platform

A robust and future-proof PLM Platform is the foundation of every Teamcenter deployment.

Explore the PLM platform and learn about Teamcenter’s focus on usability, PLM platform capabilities, extensibility and deployability

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PLM Usability

Active Workspace Increases PLM Usability

In order to maximize PLM usability, Teamcenter engages users with an intuitive and easy PLM user experience. Four key PLM usability drivers guide our approach to engaging users:

  • Proactively deliver relevant PLM information to facilitate decision-making
  • Deliver a personalized user experience to accommodate different roles and tasks
  • Provide an intuitive application that is easy for users to learn and behaves as anticipated
  • Deliver the appropriate information and PLM capabilities everywhere they are needed

These key drivers are embodied in Active Workspace.

Active Workspace is an innovative interface for Teamcenter that provides you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) user experience. It literally puts PLM at your fingertips. Active Workspace increases your productivity by allowing you to find what you need faster, enabling you to see the big picture so you can make smarter decisions and providing you with seamless access to PLM when and where you need it.

By integrating your current multi-domain design tools with Teamcenter, you can transform otherwise disconnected tools and processes into a single, cross-domain design data management environment that enables you to lower costs, improve quality, and increase design productivity.


Find What You Need Faster

Need Faster

Do you spend a lot of time searching for information? Active Workspace visually presents search results in logical groups, making it easy for you to drill-down and find what you need. Intuitive product structure navigation and relationship browser makes it easy for you to navigate through relevant PLM information. Active Workspace helps you find the right information quickly and easily.


Make Smarter Decisions

Smarter decision

Active Workspace only presents you with relevant PLM information in the context of your role and the task that you’re trying to accomplish. Key capabilities in Active Workspace such as change management, workflow, requirements management and visualization empower you to take action and make an impact throughout the product lifecycle. Active Workspace allows you to see the big picture with greater clarity and make smarter decisions.


PLM When and Where You Need It

PLM When and Where You Need It

Active Workspace is an IT-friendly client with zero-install footprint. Its touch-enabled interface provides an identical and seamless experience on any modern computing devices. Active Workspace can also be hosted within familiar third-party applications, such as Teamcenter Rich Application Client, NX and Microsoft Office. With Active Workspace, you can access PLM when and where you need it.

PLM Platform Capabilities

Build on a solid PLM foundation


Within the Teamcenter platform there are core product lifecycle management capabilities that you can leverage regardless of where you are in your PLM journey, such as visualization, collaboration, reporting and analytics, integrated material management, search, security, file management and multi-site management.

Having access to a full portfolio of product lifecycle management (PLM) applications for data, project and process management is essential to your success. However, it takes a solid underlying foundation of PLM platform capabilities to build a total PLM solution in your enterpise, including visualization, collaboration, reporting and analytics, and integrated material management. Teamcenter provides these key PLM platform capabilities for you to leverage, regardless of where you are in your PLM journey.


PLM Visualization


PLM visualization, built on top of industry-standard JT technology, delivers high-performance visualization and virtual prototyping capabilities so that you can analyze and validate 3D designs created from multiple CAD systems.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics allow you to see the big picture to establish, measure and analyze key performance metrics for driving processes and product improvements across the product lifecycle. With reporting and analytics you can create complex reports and dashboards with ease and always keep a finger on the pulse of your company, so you can make more informed decisions.

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Integrated Material Management

Integrated Material Management

Material information and how it is managed can have a profound effect on your product’s lifecycle, and often plays a role in the success of the product. Teamcenter provides holistic, integrated materials management to help your company create innovative, sustainable products.

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Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

Teamcenter community collaboration integrates the ad-hoc collaboration data and capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint® with Teamcenter, allowing you to securely share PLM data. This PLM capability allows you to informally collaborate within your smaller team, before promoting the formalized results of your collaboration into Teamcenter.

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Foundation PLM Capabilities

Foundation PLM Capabilities

Robust foundation PLM capabilities support every Teamcenter application. Powerful search makes it easy for you to find what you need in order to do your work. Industry-leading security protects your intellectual property. You can make sure that everyone in your company has immediate access to the latest data regardless of network connections. You can also manage and coordinate multiple Teamcenter deployments in your global enterprise.

PLM Deployability

PLM Deployability


PLM deployability is a critical aspect of any PLM strategy. Not only do you need to deploy your PLM solution quickly and cost-effectively, but you also need to realize the value for fast payoff. Teamcenter provides you with flexible deployment options that can accommodate your diverse and changing business needs, as well as your budget.

Easy and flexible PLM deployability is critical in order for you to realize the value of your PLM investment. Teamcenter is designed with PLM deployability in mind. You have the flexibility to deploy the right PLM solution to match your business needs, as well as your budget. Even more important, a good deployment strategy can help you achieve the benefits of PLM quickly, so you can realize a fast return on investment.


Teamcenter Rapid Start


Teamcenter Rapid Start allows you to deploy product data management (PDM) quickly and cost-effectively. By choosing Teamcenter Rapid Start, you get all the robust PDM capabilities of Teamcenter, plus the flexibility to grow into additional Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities as your business needs grow.



Teamcenter on the Cloud
Teamcenter on the Cloud


Teamcenter on the cloud provides cost-effective access to enterprise IT infrastructure and resources through an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. You can deploy Teamcenter on the cloud instantly without upfront hardware investments, and then dynamically scale the cloud infrastructure up and down based upon your needs.



PLM Platform Built for Scalability

Teamcenter is built with scalability in mind. Whether you need a small deployment to support a small team within a single site, a large enterprise with multiple globally dispersed sites and complex supply chains or anything in between, Teamcenter’s flexible architecture can accommodate your business needs today and will continue to do so as your company grows.

PLM Extensibility with Active Integration

PLM Extensibility with Active Integration


PLM extensibility – providing an open framework for interoperability – has been a key differentiator and driving principle for Teamcenter since its inception. Active Integration provides a collaborative framework for interoperability between Teamcenter and other enterprise applications, enabling full bi-directional information exchange so that you can make the right data available anywhere across your enterprise.

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