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Manage the facts for the whole additive production procedure

Additive Process Data

Additive Manufacturing Data and Process Management

Capture the entire additive production process with statistics management answers from Siemens. This consists of not just information related to component geometries, however information encompassing the whole build tray setup and the printing parameters. Build techniques, put up-processing, and validation processes are also portions of the additive production puzzle. Managing this fact nicely is fundamental to having an exceptional, repeatable, business additive manufacturing technique. With Teamcenter from Siemens, managing this technique fact is easy and seamless.

Read extra about the powerful features for additive manufacturing information and method management below.

AM Processing

Manage the 3-D printing system

Producing additive manufactured parts at a commercial scale, specifically in metal, calls for numerous production methods and submit strategies that must be controlled. Setup and coaching of the printer, in addition to post-print steps including substrate separation, warmness remedy, finishing, and inspection, are all steps that ought to be tightly managed.

Operate with maximum performance

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) permits you to create, pick, and dispatch work orders, deliver save ground operators steerage and bypass serial numbers to the suitable system to embed them within the print task when required. Operators are given steering approximately what operations to carry out and whilst in the appropriate series, leveraging the right device on the proper point within the technique to optimize sources. These steps are all part of a nicely-oiled commercial manufacturing procedure and will help you to automate your production to get the very best efficiency possible out of your facility.

AM Worker
Materials Management

Optimize material usage

Managing materials for the additive manufacturing procedure is another place in which a tightly managed procedure is obligatory. Counting the wide variety of recycles and blended powder batches are necessary for tracing the substances used to your printing operations. This traceability is vital because you can’t disassemble mixed powders and the quantity of recycled powder used might also affect the high-quality of the very last print.

Secure additive production information

Protect your agency intellectual assets thru strong facts security measures. Siemens has partnered with Identify3D to integrate its suite of tools for the safety of additive production information. The atmosphere supplied through Siemens and Identify3D provides for an at ease digital box to transport and modify additive manufacturing information via the digital workflow. All of the essential factors are included in the Siemens product set from NX CAD/CAM through to the gadget controllers.

Data Security
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