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Connect planning to manufacture to deliver the ideal records to the shop floor

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Connecting to the Shop Floor

Improve the general operation efficiency with the aid of reworking your device shop right into a facts-driven operation.

Connect manufacturing making plans and production environments using an unmarried supply of facts. The non-stop virtual thread allows you to make use of the perfect production records in production. You can deliver complete work instructions at once to the system gear, inspection system and presenters the use of the present day technology for Direct Numerical Control (DNC).

Read more about the powerful capabilities for connecting to the shop floor below.

Data Process Management PLM Driven DNC

Connect Planning to Production with PLM-Driven DNC

Shop Floor Connect (SFC) for Teamcenter is a complementary application of Teamcenter. SFC for Teamcenter lets in the sending of CNC software documents from Teamcenter without delay to the manager of the system, without the want for nearby data garage.

SFC for Teamcenter facilitates manufacturing personnel gets entry to cutting-edge and posted CNC applications, drawings, 3-d models, and other statistics managed in Teamcenter. More than a conventional DNC device, the relationship to the centralized Teamcenter database avoids statistics duplication and manages revisions to make certain the usage of an appropriate production data on the store floor. It also permits new or modified records to be stored in Teamcenter with complete get right of entry to and revision manage.

Transfer Data to Shop Floor with DNC Connect

DNC Connect helps you to manage and switch production data from NX CAM, ensuring that the proper data is used at the factor of manufacturing. Easy to set up and use, DNC Connect permits you to apply the powerful Teamcenter data control abilities from the NX programming environment.

You can create complete save documentation, which includes CNC packages, setup sheets, and device lists with NX CAM. This fact is saved in the database below revision manage the use of DNC Connect, making sure that most effective accepted paintings applications are used in production. The non-stop digital thread that connects making plans and production improves your overall operational performance.

Data Process Management Connect DNC
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