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Manage manufacturing resources, such as tools, fixtures, and machines, digitally

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Manufacturing Resource Library

The Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) is a Teamcenter application that offers class and facts control for production engineering assets. Typical use is as a complicated tool library in which device element and assembly facts may be controlled. Our solution provides effective search, view and retrieval competencies across a complete classification system. NX CAM customers have direct got right of entry to to the library for gear, furniture, templates and extra.

Read more about the powerful capabilities for the virtual production aid library beneath.

manufacturing resource library featured

Classify Tooling Data

The Manufacturing Resource Library allows you classify resources which includes reducing equipment the use of Teamcenter class technology. This arranges the information right into a hierarchy with lessons and sub-lessons.

For example, one elegance would possibly cover all milling tools. Within every class, the device manages key traits along with tool length, slicing diameter, vendor and material, and you may search on those parameters. Our answer allows 2D/three-D visualization of its content.

Create Tool Assemblies with Standard Components

The Manufacturing Resource Library is supplied with more than a few pre-loaded reducing device statistics masking a range of well-known additives from a number of producers.

You can create specific device assemblies primarily based on your store necessities and upload your own items to the library as needed.

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manufacturing resource library featured

Import Data from Tool Vendor Catalogs

The Manufacturing Resource Library is designed to permit you to import information from tooling seller catalogs. The MRL intelligently maps the vendor’s tool classes and attributes to the matching fields of your factor working place.

Any statistics may be imported, but the MRL has a popular mapping for the seller-impartial Generic Tool Classification (GTC) standard 1.7, based totally on ISO 13399. With the vendor records to your gadget, you could populate your operating library issue and assembly areas with the equipment your business enterprise uses.

Program Using Cutting Tools Managed in MRL

The Manufacturing Resource Library can be accessed directly from inside NX CAM. NC programmers can look for and retrieve gear, furnishings, standard machining templates, and machine models using menus in NX that join immediately to the MRL.

MRL is designed to be flexible and scalable. For smaller installations, MRL Connect for NX allows NX CAM users to connect to a standalone installation of the MRL without the use of all the talents of Teamcenter. This affords easy implementation for a reducing device library with effective seek, view and retrieval abilities throughout a complete type system.

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