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Materials Data & Lifecycle Management

Materials information control for progressive and sustainable products

materials data management

Material statistics and the way it’s controlled may have a profound effect on your product’s lifecycle, and materials information management frequently performs a function inside the success of the product. Many of nowadays’s progressive designs owe their achievement to the progressive use and discovery of recent substances – from lightweight cellular phones and drugs to electric powered cars, to advanced aircraft, too inexperienced power device (wind turbines, solar, and so forth.), to scientific devices.

In this age of fabric pushed product layout, Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) will let you manage the lifecycle of all the substances used for your merchandise so that your organization can create revolutionary, sustainable products. People across your commercial enterprise can manipulate the complete lifecycle of substances in Teamcenter – from cloth design to manufacturing – alongside the lifecycle of the goods that encompass these substances. You can combine materials and materials throughout product definitions and grade your merchandise for environmental compliance.

Holistic substances information control integrated with the product lifecycle.

Approved materials for project-crucial product capabilities

Downstream fabric data clients, across the organization, have clean access to the proper material records managed in Teamcenter. For instance, simulation engineers have to get admission to to the proper cloth version managed in Teamcenter whilst acting their evaluation. Integrated Material Management also permits you to design for compliance and keep away from the chance of fines, the restricted market gets right of entry to and harm to brands by means of identifying, tracking and reporting substances of concern which are used in products.

Material definitions for downstream customers

Each segment of the cloth lifecycle may be controlled in Teamcenter the use of center PLM abilities such as file management for material research, necessities management for fabric specs, data management and workflow for lab results and check data and integration to online catalogs and fabric databases. The cloth definition, that is tied collectively with the material lifecycle, is made available to downstream cloth information consumers in Teamcenter.

Material recipe handling for reuse and faster time-to-market

Reuse of existing cloth expertise is prime for you to lessen product time to market. This is specifically vital for plastic additives, where it can be an assignment to hint the compound fabric formulation of its extraordinary elements and corresponding gadget parameters to create a final plastic material. Teamcenter Integrated Material Management enables to guide the modeling of fabric recipes, allowing you to hint how extraordinary manner parameters have an effect on the semi-finished thing.

Materials records control connects assignments and usage

Establishing and keeping an intimate integration between the substances taken into consideration for use in a product and the product’s bill-of-substances (BOM) is important to turn in a hit, modern products. With Teamcenter Integrated Material Management, you may boom performance with smooth choice and use of substances in Teamcenter and your source CAD and CAE tool. For example, designers the use of CAD can search for accepted substances managed in Teamcenter to create cloth assignments.

Provide a gateway to cloth databases and online catalogs

With Teamcenter Integrated Material Management, you can effortlessly integrate with third-party cloth databases along with think step and Granta Design to import material records into your Teamcenter environment and offer get entry to those substances during the company. You also can pull information from online cloth databases to populate your Teamcenter fabric library.

Support provider fabric declaration strategies

Management of materials used in products, which includes materials used in provided additives helps you to live compliant with regulatory requirements and recognize your product make-up. With particularly computerized dealer announcement processes, and integrations to third birthday party cloth portals along with IMDS (International Material Data System) and BOMcheck, you may acquire, validate, and control fabric declarations from providers effectively, and combination authorized supplier material information into your product BOM.



A modern, adaptable PLM system that breaks down barriers between people and processes, Teamcenter helps manage the multi-domain development and manufacturing of highly successful products.

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