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Product Configuration

Leverage product configuration management to address more alternatives with less effort

product configuration management

Product Configuration

No depend on what kind of product you’re making, your customers demand selections. To meet those needs, you ought to be capable of efficiently manipulate product configurations. This has often been an idea of as a layout problem, but the reality is that decisions are made approximately what product editions to offer lengthy earlier than a dressmaker starts his paintings. The implications of these choices impact people across the product lifecycle.

With product configuration interior PLM, you could meet the demand for extra advanced and sundry product services, without driving up charges. Leverage the product configuration spine in Teamcenter® to offer a not unusual definition of variability throughout the lifecycle. Take manage of your product configurations – whether you supply merchandise with a described set of supported versions, greater complicated merchandise with an exponential variety of viable versions and mixtures, or engineered to reserve products that require new variants of parts and designs with each order.

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Product configuration management affords effective abilties to handle greater options with much less effort. Read more approximately these functions beneath.

Engineering Automation

Engineering Automation

With engineer-to-order abilities in Rulestream and Teamcenter, you could automate product and procedure rules. With this automation, you could deal with new necessities quickly and correctly whilst making sure that you meet the constraints decided with the aid of your employer. You can create bid and production packages in mins rather than weeks. Using Rulestream, you may support consumer needs for engineer-to-order products whilst nonetheless closing profitable.

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Flexible Product Line Engineering

Deliver the variety your customers demand at the same time as driving profitability. Teamcenter permits a single definition of variability across domains and the lifecycle. Product alternatives aren’t tied to layout information but are controlled independently to be leveraged across the agency. This provides an easy to use the not an unusual source of configuration data. Planners can outline products, product lines and functions they need carry to market. Engineers can attention on valid configurations. Manufacturing can generate a BOP leveraging that same definition.

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product line engineering
product configuration integrations

Product Configuration Integrations

To really manipulate and automate configured products, you need extra than a standalone engineer-to-order device and greater than standalone product configuration control equipment or systems. Siemens PLM provides an included product configuration management answer, that permits you to leverage the energy of Teamcenter and Rulestream collectively, as well as the unique skills offered via different software program. Siemens product configuration control solution integrates with a number of the maximum powerful tools you already use to run your commercial enterprise.

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Guided Product Configuration

Leverage the unmarried definition of variability to make certain that any person, regardless of function or area, works handiest with valid configurations. Guided product configuration limits the capabilities and alternatives that you may make so that you handiest see alternatives which might be allowed. This ensures every stakeholder is centered on the goods you propose to bring to the marketplace.

guided product configuration management
product configuration management visualization

Product Configuration Visualization

With product configuration management inner of PLM, you may leverage sturdy 3-d visualization abilities in Teamcenter to offer accurate geometry, on call for, for any legitimate configuration. Users during your process, irrespective of their stage of CAD information, can see actual time 3-d visuals of the goods, configured as they have got chosen. You can visualize and validate throughout the procedure, helping to capture mistakes early within the manner.



A modern, adaptable PLM system that breaks down barriers between people and processes, Teamcenter helps manage the multi-domain development and manufacturing of highly successful products.

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