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Tool Quotation Costing

Global procurement markets and growing cost pressures require expert cost management in the area of mildew, device, and die. Shorter lifecycles paired with higher product variability suggest that the proportion of device charges on the subject of the overall prices of a product line is step by step increasing.

Toolmakers are challenged to quick create dependable quotations and transparent value breakdowns for equipment. Due to the increasing complexity of tools and smaller manufacturing runs, this balancing act is an undertaking even for experienced tool experts and succeeds only with the assistance of an effective tool citation costing device that grants faster, greater accurate and understandable effects primarily based on parametric models. For device manufacturers, increasing product range and shorter product lifecycles mean a multiplied volume of labor through a higher range of requests for quotations. The tool citation costing process has to be dependable with unique device calculations and obvious fee breakdowns in a quick time frame.

Tool citation costing allows ultimate stability among accuracy and time-based totally calculation attempt.

Teamcenter Tool Quotation Costing

Tool citation costing with Teamcenter device costing

The parametric calculation method in device quotation costing allows an ultimate balance between accuracy and time-primarily based calculation attempt. Simulations of technical and monetary scenarios help toolmakers to get effective solutions to these questions:

Where to produce?
What are the influences of adjustments in commercial factors which includes hard work prices, raw substances or fees for bought elements?
What are the effects of adjustments in technical parameters which include product or layout variations, production technologies, and substances?
With device quotation costing, device producers also can without problems document costing histories and adjustments, and quickly and flexibly provide the desired value breakdowns in client templates. In the case of habitual modifications, the brief and secure introduction of price breakdowns with Teamcenter way a competitive gain for device producers.

Your advantages

Using the device citation costing capability in Teamcenter tool costing, tool manufacturer can develop relatively correct quotations and reduce the time durations for suggestion preparations considerably. Sales crew can correctly lead negotiations, implement expenses, maintain correct records, and act as an equipped partner.

The satisfactory and layout of a device influences not most effective the tool fees, however additionally the price consistent with a piece of synthetic elements. The Teamcenter answer offers a completely unique opportunity to determine the interactions among aspect and tool fees at special volumes and makes tool designs reliable and transparent. You can use the mixture of Teamcenter device costing and the Teamcenter product costing for a totally integrated calculation answer. In addition, the device fees within the included answer are taken into consideration holistically thru the product invoice of substances and the product/task program.

Teamcenter Product Costing
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