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Requirements verification and validation closes the loop

Requirements verification and validation

Verification & Validation

Teamcenter Requirements verification and validation abilities help close the loop on necessities with the aid of shooting and associating verification and validation consequences with requirements even as enabling focused trying out. With Teamcenter Requirements Management, requirements are blanketed in a closed loop method, wherein necessities are tied to how they’re confirmed and verified (V&V). Because Teamcenter also includes check and validation control, necessities may be tied to test instances that validate them.

As an end result, you get full visibility into necessities verification and validation tactics, along with the reputation of modern V&V efforts, and any problems generated all through trying out. Test results in-flip feed widespread workflow, trade, and different processes to control compliance issues (as well as keep evidence of compliance for auditing purposes). This unit up to a business enterprise for massive V&V productivity enhancements.

Requirements verification and validation for improved productivity. Read greater about these features under.

Requirements incorporated with software plans for visibility and improved productivity

As requirements are described, they start to force software execution plans had to satisfy them (sources, schedules, duties, deliverables, and so on.) Requirements controlled in Teamcenter are tied directly to software milestones and venture obligations, bearing in mind development and exceptions tracking. Once requirements are installed, and the applications they are tied to begin to execute, you’ve got complete visibility into the techniques round requirements, check cases, resources, and so on., allowing you to cope with application danger proactively.

Save time and money by taking a look at management capabilities

Teamcenter manages test cases and checks approach, and requirements may be linked immediately to exams that validate them. Test cases are tied to necessities as they may be defined to evaluate requirement completeness, allowing test case reuse that sets up “alternate-centered testing”, in place of checking out the entirety. Traceability among necessities and take a look at cases to solve this trouble by most effective trying out the requirements that have changed—saving time and money. You have entire insurance subsidized via real check results.

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