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Search & Analytics

Teamcenter® search and analytics capabilities offer you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) seek experience to help you fast locate the records you need. It actually puts PLM information at your fingertips, in a view that you may recognize, while you need it. Teamcenter lets in you to find what you want faster, enabling you to see the large photo and examine your findings. With highly intuitive search capabilities, Teamcenter visually gives seek consequences in logical corporations, making it smooth that allows you to drill-down through product systems and relationships to quickly discover what you’re seeking out. Teamcenter reporting and analytics provide you with an internet-based, easy-to-use answer that compiles and aggregates statistics produced during the lifecycle from more than one records sources. You get the effects you want fast, in an intuitive format, to recognize your product better and make higher choices.

Search and Analytics helps you increase your productiveness with an intuitive PLM search experience. Read more approximately these functions underneath.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools

Visibility into the cumulative expertise of product improvement is essential to making smart commercial enterprise choices. It takes an unmarried supply of reporting and analytics data to deliver the insight essential on the way to completely understand your product. Natural language self-carrier reporting facilitates you efficiently create new analytics and out-of-the-field reviews help you quick advantage knowledge of your products and procedures.

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Search and Navigate

Teamcenter visually gives seek effects in logical businesses, making it smooth on the way to drill-down and locate what you need. Intuitive search and product structure navigation and associated records browsing make it clean to be able to navigate via relevant PLM records. Teamcenter enables you to find the right statistics quickly and easily. Increase productivity by means of locating the proper information, inside the context of the undertaking handy, faster and easier than ever earlier than.

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A modern, adaptable PLM system that breaks down barriers between people and processes, Teamcenter helps manage the multi-domain development and manufacturing of highly successful products.

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