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Spending large amounts of time searching for statistics, most effective to discover a restrained view of your product records can be frustrating and non-effective. Teamcenter® product lifecycle control (PLM) minimizes it slow spent looking with the aid of assisting you to discover the facts you want quickly, with visual and holistic perspectives. With intuitive search capabilities, you may keep away from pricey errors and make smarter selections by seeing the large photo of product records.

Searching in Teamcenter is simple. You can leverage form searches, and category systems to intuitively locate the facts you’re searching out. Search results are visible and are organized in logical organizations, wherein you could drill-down thru information in context, and find what you want, quicker. Intuitive product structure navigation and associated statistics surfing make it easy for you to navigate through product BOMs to find information. Reporting skills and dashboard perspectives convey data collected from more than one systems.

Intuitive search capabilities help you find facts fast and effortlessly. Read more about those capabilities below.

Data Classification and Library Management

Data classification and library control skills enable your organization to control formerly created product definition facts in virtual libraries and re-use these records in new product initiatives or non-stop development packages. With Teamcenter, you may build hierarchies, instructions, and attributes into your class definitions in order that layout engineers can quick find layout factors for re-use. Manufacturing engineers can also use these capabilities to assess alternative and replacement elements earlier than finalizing their designs.

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Shape Search Geolus

Shape Search

Re-use of parts can shop money and time. However, as a way to re-use an element, you’ve got as a way to find it. Traditional search is based totally on key-word values, and because parts are unevenly named, the hunt outcomes are by no means complete. However, the only feature all comparable components do have in common forms. Shape Search unearths comparable components primarily based on their geometry irrespective of how they may be named.

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Intuitive, visual presentation of effects for short comprehension

Visual presentation of search consequences allows you to be more effective. Teamcenter software program’s powerful seek and filtering abilities visually present seek consequences to you in logical corporations, making it smooth with a purpose to drill-down and read to find what you want. Intelligent charting, filtering on houses, shape, and category in addition to effects rating abilities assist you to find the records you want without having to know approximately how the information is established within the PLM machine.

Navigate product shape and related facts

Understanding your product as a whole, versus simply one thing, allow you to to make better decisions and reduce mistakes and remodel. Teamcenter facilitates you’re making smarter selections by reducing via the clutter and allowing you to see the huge photograph of your product information and methods. Powerful Structure Browser and Relationship Browser, together with Reporting and Analytics abilities, assist you to quickly locate the information you want that will help you know your product higher.

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