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Shape Search – re-use in place of re-invent

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Shape Search

During the product development technique, assets are regularly wasted while new elements are unnecessarily added to inventory even though existing parts could have been used in their location. The method of including new elements is highly-priced. Consider the costs associated with design, documentation, checking out, production or procurement and allocation of space on the shop ground. This is money and time that would be invested somewhere else.

The price of re-use is so well understood that the word “re-inventing the wheel” is a commonplace criticism. Re-use makes the best commercial enterprise sense. However, to re-use an element you have if you want to find it. Traditional seek is based totally on key-word values, and due to the fact parts are erratically named, the search results are by no means complete. However, the only characteristic all similar components do have in not unusual is the shape. Shape Search reveals similar elements based totally on their geometry regardless of how they’re named.

Shape seek supports re-use of parts, to prevent time and money. Read extra approximately those functions below.

Designers find their components quicker with Shape Search

It’s all approximately connecting technology to get to the right records. Shape Search is completely included with Teamcenter and may be accessed inside CAD authoring gear, which includes Siemens PLM Software’s NX. For example, a clothier in NX is capable of choosing a part using Shape Search by using asking Teamcenter to list all of the similar parts. Search outcomes are acquired based totally at the consumer get right of entry to privileges in Teamcenter. Anyone of the components displayed inside the search results can be opened by the dressmaker in NX.

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Leverage Shape Search in procurement to fast find comparable elements and examine supplier costs

Shape Search benefits users all through the agency, along with procurement.
Because Teamcenter is web-based software and does not require a purchaser download, Shape Search capabilities may be accessed via a broad range of customers throughout the company, which includes customers inside the procurement region of the product development manner. When preparing to add new elements to stock, buying marketers can use Shape Search in Teamcenter to discover comparable elements and then evaluate part charges and component providers. Knowing the records of beyond purchases will make the subsequent purchase a extra informed one

Shape Search makes category less complicated

Classification is a repository for Intellectual Property (IP) that permits re-use and eliminates part proliferation. Classifying elements based totally on their names is time-eating and mistakes prone. Variations in naming through the years, throughout departments, or across subsidiaries inside the case of growth thru merger and acquisition, restriction the effectiveness of keyword-based processing of 3D data. Shape Search expedites class. It swiftly identifies very similar elements which might be notable candidates to be in the equal class. With Shape Search, you find all of the comparable components and promote re-use, faster.

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